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Ouishare: Review by Joel Dietz

Ouishare, a website that is committed to "connecting the collaborative economy," ran a review of on March 27, 2013by Joel Dietz.  Dietz calls The Wealth of the Commons "a revolutionary book full of constructive input for the growing sharing economy, including a diverse group of voices drawn from intellectuals and activists across the globe. Instead of attempting to provide formal definitions or grand plans, they ambitiously and artfully combine diverse viewpoints from people with similar sympathies, bringing together all sides together to plant new seeds for the growth of a democratic commons."

Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, FEASTA

London barrister John Jopling writes:  "The book is certainly a ‘must read’, indeed, if you can afford it, a ‘must have’, so you can take in the wealth of information and ideas at your own pace, going back to re-study at your leisure. Most of the articles are a ‘good read’ too....As this book illustrates again and again, the Commons is a rich concept, far from exhausted by the 438 pages of this book....By the way, this book would almost be worth acquiring just as a source of information about the people and organisations you might want to network with."

Kosmos Journal book review, Fall/Winter 2012

Reviewer Leo Burke:  "If I were to be marooned on a desert island and could take along only two commons-related books, they would be Elinor Ostrom’s 1990 classic, Governing the Commons, and David Bollier and Silke Helfrich’s The Wealth of the Commons. This remarkable anthology of seventy-two essays by authors from six continents represents a milestone in the commons literature."  The full review at Kosmos Journal.